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Uncategorized By wanjiku / February 15, 2010

The Long Journey begins- cabling starts….


The long journey to tech innovation has started….. the cabling was the first step and here we go…

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Uncategorized By wanjiku / February 12, 2010

Meet the volunteer team-data cabling


When you invite volunteers to a project, people always wonder, what is in it for me? How will i befit the organization? How about my time, will I balance well? Well, those a valid questions that anyone would ask but in many cases, people may not volunteer because their dont

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iHub By Erik Hersman / February 9, 2010

Gift of TED Talks DVD’s for the iHub


TED was kind enough to give us an archive of TED Talks from the last couple years. I had asked for these so that we could have an archive of the TED Talks in Nairobi, as a way for everyone to access them easily and not have to download them

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Uncategorized By wanjiku / February 6, 2010

Skunkworks members discuss the iHub


Will the hub provide loans for struggling developers? Will the hub provide accounting and management help for developers? How will the hub interface with other innovation initiatives? These were some of the questions raised at the Skunkworks meeting last Tuesday. It was a forum for developers to share their thoughts,

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iHub By Erik Hersman / February 5, 2010

Hooking up the iHub Data


Becky Wanjiku leads the team on cabling and connecting the iHub with state-of-the-art hardware and high speed Internet. It should be finished by the end of February.

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