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iHub By Conrad Akunga / January 30, 2010

Introducing iHub


Earlier today, we had one of the first AfricaDotNet user group meetings of the year. AfricaDotNet is an initiative to bring together developers and other players in the IT space together to discuss and share knowledge.

Among the speakers were

  • Stephen Ebichondo from CraftSilicon, speaking on optimizing database query performance on SQL Server
  • Erik Hersman from Ushahidi on the Ushahidi platform and how it was helping with the Haiti crisis
  • Billy from Nokia research on some initiatives for voice based social networking and challenges for localizing speech to text
  • Wilfred Mworia of AfricanPixel on iPhone application development

My presentation was on iHub.

I started off by asking the assembled techies to express what they felt where challenges they faced in the industry. The responses were eye opening, and reinforced even further the need for an initiative like iHub. It spun off into a lengthy and enthusiastic discussion indeed, as issues such as access to equipment, connectivity, mentorship and innovation came up.

Needless to say there was enthusiasm as I outlined how iHub was going to work and how it would be of benefit to them.

The overwhelming feeling I got at the end of it — this is SO going to work!

I’m very excited about the prospect of participating in the discovery of talent and innovators.

Author : Conrad Akunga

  • peter at 18:42:46PM Sunday, January 31, 2010

    i like the enthuthiasm at the end there. i think it will work too. All the best.

  • Mats Bergström at 03:18:35AM Tuesday, February 2, 2010

    I sincerely believe this will fly.

    I will certainly make a visit next time i come to Nairobi.

  • tuomas santakallio at 17:19:40PM Thursday, February 11, 2010

    Where can i join and register as a user?

    I have a number pending projects in which help is required, and willingness to cooperate in others’ projects as well.

    Hopefully there will be at least one Linux server for testing stuff.

  • Mathew Mwai at 12:21:24PM Tuesday, February 16, 2010

    how do I join the volunteer group?


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